Tim Booth

After multiple ankle injuries from years of soccer and a broken leg now filled with plates and screws, Tim was looking for a slightly more controlled sport and began getting serious about running. Running goals were difficult to meet due to his leg hardware… until cross training in the pool and on the bike launched Tim into marathon and triathlon training! And then he met this very LOCO dude, Danny Arnold, at the Capital District Triathlon Club, “And he wouldn’t leave me alone until I signed up for a triathlon!” Which he did… Tim signed up for Ironman Lake Placid 2015! 

“And then I met these other LOCOs who supported and encouraged me through everything that lead to… It is a true Team Loco success story!” Tim also has roots in the stately town of Kinderhook, NY. Home of the 8th president of the United States, Martin Van Buren, it is known as one of the most friendly and gorgeous places on the face of the earth… Much like Tim himself!

Race Highlights:  Tim’s race career is young, so he is still surprising himself every day (the honeymoon PR phase)! “Every step, pedal and stroke of my first triathlons is a highlight!”  2015 included marathons 2, 3, and 4 for Tim, and his first Ironman Lake Placid.  It’s safe to say that Tim has caught the bug!

Favorite Post Race Food:   Food.

Favorite Song to Train to:  It’s really hard to listen to music when Danny is constantly talking to you, even when your headphones are in.

Words to Live By:  Newton’s Laws of Motion.  (Triathlon is a physics nerd’s dream… so much data to analyze … yay!)

What does Train Hard, Race Smart & Give Back mean to you:  Even in the individual sport of triathlon, the feeling of community is powerful. What you put into that community you get back ten-fold! 

Why he’s LOCO:  Tim spends 40 hours a week in a pitch black, vibration dampened bunker, four floors underground looking into the atoms of biological molecules using electron microscopes, so that 7 years from now he can publish a single paper, and contribute a small incremental update to our biological knowledge of cellular protein synthesis. In science and in sport, Tim is all about the long game, and the hard work that goes into it! And he is currently working hard to train for several triathlons, the LA Marathon, the Vermont City Marathon, the New York City Marathon… and that little 140.6 mile race in Lake Placid once again!