Nikki O’Meara

Nikki, a mother of two, is competing in her first triathlon in 9 years, the Tinman in Tupper Lake, NY.  A true runner at heart, she is a two-time Boston Marathon finisher and has run over 10 marathons.   Nikki also coaches kids ages 7-12 on the Delmar Track and Field cross country team, which her 8 year-old daughter, Charlotte, runs on.

What does Train Hard, Race Smart & Give Back mean to you:  In addition to coaching duties, Nikki gives back by running with a visually-impaired athlete on the Delmar Cross Country team as his visual guide!

Favorite Post-Race Food:  Ice Cream!

Why she is Loco:  Nikki regularly does 18-20 mile runs… For the fun of it!  She is looking forward to her return to triathlon in 2016, and has already begun training for her race in June!