Matt Nafus

A competitive swimmer from Glenville, NY, Matt realized he needed to do something to stay in shape after his son was born. “I didn’t want to just swim competitively again. So, my wife suggested trying a triathlon.” After the first race he was hooked! Along with finishing Ironman Lake Placid in 2012, Matt’s race highlights include winning his Age group at the Crystal Lake Triathlon, and qualifying and racing USAT Nationals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in August of 2015. Matt races for his children, because “I want to show them that being healthy can be fun, and I you work hard, you can accomplish your goals!”

Goals in the Sport:  I am going to race Ironman in 2017 again with my sister, who has been my long-term swimming rival and training partner. It will be awesome to race and finish with a family member!   I would also one day love to race Ironman in Kona!

Favorite Post Race Food:  My favorite post race food is an Italian Mixed sub and a Coors Light.  Not very fancy, but it hits the spot!

Favorite Song to Train To:  When I train I like to listen to anything metal! The harder the better!

Words to Live By:  Stand up and finish what you started –Bob Harper

It Ain’t How Hard You Hit…It’s How Hard You Can Get Hit and Keep Moving Forward. It’s About How Much You Can Take And Keep Moving Forward! -Rocky Balboa

Why he is Loco:  Because unlike most other triathletes, I actually enjoy swimming! I can’t wait for the swim leg and find it a very peaceful way to start a race! Being under the water where you can’t hear anything is very calming!

What does Train Hard, Race Smart & Give Back mean to you:  I feel very lucky that I have the ability physically and mentally to enjoy training and racing. I want to make my training and racing mean something by giving back to people that are less fortunate!

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