Kelly Sullivan

A Biology teacher by day, but a triathlete and runner at all times, Kelly has been running and racing for over a decade. After watching Ironman Lake Placid the first two years, she decided to buy a bike and join a gym with a pool.  The rest is history!

Kelly is a 3 time Ironman Lake Placid finisher, with the 2014 Ironman in 15:20! Her other race highlights include a PR of 2:07:20 at her favorite distance, the half marathon. “I don’t even know how many 1/2 marathons I have completed at this point!”  Kelly has run six marathons all over the country.  And she is a 6 time 70.3 finisher, who is going for number 7 at 70.3 Mt. Tremblant, where she aims to go under 7 hours!

Kelly 3

More Goals in the Sport:  This year – Get closer to a 2 hour half marathon.  Go under 15 hours at IM Mt. Tremblant

Why she is LOCO:  I don’t feel “normal” without a big race to train for.  I would rather be training and cooking than many other things!

Favorite Post Race Food:    French fries and a coke!

Favorite Song to Train to:   I don’t run with music.  I just love the sound of my breathing.  The sound of my foot falls.  The sound of the wind through the trees.  The sound of the water moving in the river.  The birds overhead….  

Words to Live by:   Anytime I am in a tough spot in a race I say two things to myself “You’ve been through worse”  and “Get your S$%T together.”  Sometimes before races I remind myself “You have trained for this. You are strong enough.  You are ready!”

What does Train Hard, Race Smart & Give Back mean to you:   Having survived cancer, I want to make sure I am putting everything into what I love that I can.  This means I train and race hard.  I love this sport.  I want to make sure others have the opportunity to love it too.