Jeff Halusic

From Niskayuna NY, Jeff  has been active his whole life.  He started out running a few 5ks and then challenged himself to try biking… So he registered for the century ride of the Tour de Cure! And that was his first time ever riding that distance. “Boy was I sore the next few days!”

Jeff started watching a few triathlons, and a friend convinced him to “tri” one so he signed up for the Hudson Crossing. Jeff had never swam in any kind of race in his life, but he was immediately hooked! In the last few years he has done a few Sprint triathlons, a couple of Olympic distances, one 100 TRI, a couple of marathons and many half marathons, and one 70.3 triathlon!

Goals in the Sport:  This year my task and goal is to do my first Ironman in Lake Placid!

Why he is LOCO:   Two years ago I did a 100 TRI… and the following weekend I did my first marathon.

Favorite Post Race Food:  Pizza and Beer

Words to live By:  “Never Ring that Bell!”