Danny Arnold

Danny resides in Unstable Acres, which is one of Team Loco’s favorite stomping grounds! In 2011 Danny became a full time endurance athlete. His journey started when he woke up on his 49th birthday and decided his mantra was going to be “Fit by 50.” Well, it did not take long!

Why he is LOCO:   Danny changed his entire lifestyle and started a cardio/strength/nutrition program.  Soon after that he enrolled in a run training program and ran his first marathon in June 2007 (4 months before his 50th birthday)! At 58, Danny is an eight-time Ironman finisher and plans to add two more Ironman races, and two more marathons to his race resume in 2016! He has completed over 22 marathons, and has also done hundreds of other endurance events. Danny has a tremendous amount of infectious energy, therefore he keeps people around him energized, motivated and enjoying their journey!

Dan Loco Photo 2016

Goals in the Sport:  One day Danny’s dream is to compete in the Ironman World Championships in Kona.  Danny’s goal in every event he competes in is to enjoy the day and always finish smiling!