Chuck Rosenstein

Chuck is a five-time Ironman, having completed Lake Placid Ironman four times, and Ironman Florida in 2012. At age 40, Chuck was tired of just lifting weights in the gym each day, so he hopped on a treadmill for a 1/4 mile, then a 1/2 and soon he was hooked on running!  “It just made sense to expand that to cycling and swimming too – A new work out every day!”

A real estate lawyer by day and an avid Green Bay Packers fan,  Chuck is most proud of his five Ironman finishes so far, because there is no such thing as an “easy” Ironman.  “Finishing any Ironman race is a true accomplishment.  It does not happen without dedication to your training, as well as your teammates who get you through your workouts needed to be prepared for race day.  At my age,  getting to the Finish line equals getting on the podium!”

Why he is LOCO:   “Uncle” Chuck loves a good party and there is no better partying team than Team Loco!  Chuck is a self-admitted “weather weenie” and needs Team Loco to get him out there on those long rides when the weather is less than perfect.  “We challenge each other and help each other as needed, and coach each other to be the best we can be.  We all have different goals and everyone is supportive and welcoming and there to help each other!”

Goals in the Sport:  Chuck would love to complete the 12 Ironman races needed to get a spot in the Kona Ironman.  “But my current goal in this sport is to help a first time Ironman participant to make it to the Finish line.  I am also hoping to help a disabled athlete complete the race.  Team Loco is about helping and giving back – What better way could an athlete say Thank you for all the help and support his family and friends have given to him!”

Favorite Post Race Food:  My favorite post race food is pizza, which is actually a cop-out as my favorite food is also pizza.  But as much pizza as you want with a beer celebrating your accomplishment with family and friends! That is of course if you aren’t in the medical tent recovering – Been there and done that! Thank you Michelle and Carl and Dr. Pablo!

Favorite Song to Train to:  I will listen to anything when I am training as long as it is up-tempo.  I have great songs on my iPod and I have songs that my daughters have put on my iPod…enough said. But when a song I may want to skip through comes on during a long run,  I listen to it to train my mind that during a long race,  there will be a good period where you feel awesome (an awesome song)  and those periods during which you are not sure you can go on (a slow dragging song).  I am actualy a fan of rap and hip hop, but there is no beating the tunes of the 70s!  

What does Train Hard, Race Smart & Give Back mean to you:  This is the definition of Team Loco.  Train hard with great athletes and great friends; Help those are there to help you, and winning is doing the best you can on any given day!

Words to Live By:  ” Winning isn’t everything but wanting to win is” Vince Lombardi.