Cheryl Tracy

Cheryl has always had a passion for swimming, biking, running, and running since childhood, but didn’t get into triathlons until later in life, as running was her primary background. A Registered Nurse at St. Peter’s Hospital, part of Cheryl’s daily routine is to train and get that workout in!   Cheryl has competed in many running/triathlon events over the years, and has a passion for training. She loves the comradery of training and competing with others.  A Slingerlands resident, Cheryl loves this area for its excellent biking and running courses!  Her race highlights include:

Tucson Marathon 1997 2nd in AG
Pinebush Triathlon 2001 1st in AG
Lake Placid North Elba Half Marathon 1st in AG 2005, 2006,
Mohawk Hudson Marathon 2005 1st in AG PR 3:12
Wurstsboro Mountain 30K 2007 1st place female
Wineglass Marathon 2007 1st in AG
Half Vermont Journey Triathlon 2009 70.3 3rd in AG
Patriot Half Triathlon 70.3 2012 3rd in AG – qualified for USAT Nationals
Ironman Lake Placid 2010, 2012
Boston Marathon 2005, 2014, 2015
Why She is Loco:  Since childhood, I have always loved the energy and positive feeling of training and competing. Having racing goals and sticking to training plans strengthens the body, relaxes the mind and toughens the spirit! ❤️ I look forward to 2016 triathlons, bike/running races and don’t forget cyclocross!!!
Favorite Post Food:  Pretty much anything I can get my hands on asap – Usually I can find whole or half eaten energy bars in my bag, however nothing beats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and chocolate milk!
Words to Live By:  Don’t give up, don’t give in – Keep pushing!!
What does train hard, race smart, and give back mean to you:  I am a firm believer in training hard, sticking to a training plan, and preferably with others, having fun, and ultimately making it to the start line with a smile! Every day we are given opportunities to give back whether in sport or in life- Being thankful and performing random acts of kindness (big or small) makes the world a better place. Amen!