Ashlea Keene

Hilton, NY native Ashlea Keene has a background in gymnastics and running, and ran cross country and track in high school. But when her boyfriend, LOCO Cory signed her up for a sprint triathlon at the suggestion of a coworker, she didn’t own a road bike and had no formal swim training!  Although she was scared, Ashlea knew that facing her fear would help her grow as a person. Two years later, Cory and Ashlea are engaged and still doing triathlons… and Ashlea even qualified for the USAT National Championships in Omaha this year, so it obviously went well!  Her other race highlights include: 

1st Place in the 25-29 Age Group (2014 Shoreline Sprint Triathlon in Rochester, NY)

Top 10% Overall (2015 IronGirl Syracuse)

2015 Lake Placid Marathon Finisher 

Why She’s Loco: I camped with my fiance Cory in a tiny, two-man tent the night before our first marathon without any pillows because we forgot them. We made our pre-race dinner and breakfast on a little backpacking stove. I think it just added to the awesomeness of the experience!

Goals in the Sport:  Have fun and inspire others to find greatness in themselves!

Ashlea Loco 2016 Photo

Words to Live By:    “When the pain comes, you know what I do? I smile” -Chris McComack